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Why Carpet?

Scientific Research has concluded that rooms with carpet that is cleaned on recommended schedule has better Indoor Air Quality that rooms with hardwood, tile, or vinyl.  It’s easy to Google Carpet/Indoor Air Quality and find a deluge on supporting information.  The fact is, Carpet acts like a giant air-filter catching and trapping airborne particulate matter such as allergens, mold spores and dust and keeping it out of the breathing zones creating a cleaner indoor air quality.  However, when left unattended, it can become a breading ground for contamination.  THE EPA AND WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION RECOMMENDS THAT HOMEOWNERS CLEAN ALL CARPET IN HOME EVERY 6-12 MONTHS to achieve optimal INDOOR AIR QUALITY. 

We clean deeper…

Carpet Max uses a “Foamitizing”™ process that Cleans Deeper, Dries Faster, and Lasts Longer than other methods in the industry. Carpet Max USA employees are experts in carpet cleaning. In addition, we apply a Seal after the cleaning that is made by Dupont, and is the only seal warrantied by carpet manufacturers. Therefore, your carpet will look nicer and last longer using the Carpet Max process. Trust in our carpet cleaners. We will ensure your carpets, upholstery, tile, and hardwood are at their cleanest. Make Carpet Max your go-to carpet cleaner, we are the best carpet cleaning service available in Talbot, Caroline, Queen Anne, Dorchester, Wicomico, and Worchester County on the Eastern side of Maryland.


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